Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our kids got grown a lot. It is getting warmer every day... Well, some days are better than other.

In March Little H took some ball class. He learned volleyball, baseball, soccer, football, and basketball. He is only 3, so you can imagine how tricky that was. He enjoyed very much. It was more fun than any other classes that he took.

He loved the basketball. Now he owns his ball. When he finds older boys are playing, he wants to join so bad. But he is still a little boy he needs to be patience.

He has been a great brother for Shi chan. He helps her all the time. He brings her bag for her. He helps clean toys for her. He initiates to play with her. He takes her hand and walks the side walks. What a wonderful brother to have. Shi chan, she loves her brother! no wonder. She thinks he is the coolest person in a planet. She loves to hung out with him and of cause she already learned how to ask to get a good help. She asks him to help her out and she just stands near by him and watch him clean.

Yea, I want her to learn cleaning but she knows how to work system around already. haha

Both Little H and Shi chan enjoy to sing and dance. They remember some Japanese children songs with motions. Obento, Ohkinakuri no kino shitade, Kirakira boshi, Atakma Kata Hiza ashi are few songs they love to sing.

shi chan and Little H enjoy the warm weather in April.

They have been playing with neighbor girl who is also half Japanese. She is two. Every Friday they play together. They love each other like a real brother and sisters. When they are at church, the first person to go and say hi is each other. They give the biggest hug.

Well, I should add, Little H loves to shake everyone's hand. After sacrament meeting, he goes up to the poppet and shakes everyone's hand. That is his routine of the Sunday.

Shi chan is a very talkative young girl. She express herself really well. "Mom, I want to be cute. I want to wear pink shirt with red pants." "Mom, you are cute."

These are a few things she says. She is the cutest young lady in our family

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Now, they are age that they can play together and they love having friends at home. Of cause they get in fight sometime. But they love each other for sure.

They share the favorite char in a home. Little H tries to take care of his sister as much as he can. He helps to teach her to bring a chair to set up for meal time. He tried to teach her how to read Japanese Alphabet and English Alphabet.

Both love to read books like their dad. They love to hung out with books a lot. They ask to be red all the time. I just hope that they can read by themselves soon.

Shi chan is learning a lot of things. She is trying to copy what her brother does. Now she is learning to brash her teeth by herself.

We went to Museum in town.

Kids grow every day and night. I hope I do not miss anything.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 and Fall

It has been a long time since I posted anything.

We had a good Halloween. Here is some photos.

Enjoyed walking with hand to hand.

Young Train Engineer and a cute monkey

With a Pierette dad

She is the cutest monkey ever. She loves bananas and gets so mad when she cannot have one.

Little H thought it was the coolest thing ever. He loved to handing candies to trick or treaters at home also.

Shi chan had a good time till she encountered a dog. After that incident, every time she close to door, she started to back off and ask to be held.

Dad and grandpa took them to trick to treat, so I stayed home with grandma. She was busy handing candies, but I had a good homemade hot apple cyder with caramel popcorn. It was a cold rain night but we had a great Halloween activity.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So, lately

We finally bought a house. After more than three years of hunting is done. Yea!!!

Now, it is time to think about what we want to do to the house. I mean remodeling. Not that much but a few things before we move in.

I realized that I do not like to think any more. I used to think more hard things and made decisions. But lately, I seem to have a little trouble to make decisions....


I used to decide on things requires big moneys I mean really big. Like 10, 000 dollars for one machine to build or change or whatever for my work. Or in fact, one decision may change people's life or safety.

Now, I have a trouble decidedness with one color of paint of the wall. What a happened to me.

It is silly. I feel stupid. But I feel it is very difficult to make the decision that will please me and my family at same time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I was reading my freind's blog which is called recipie blog. It is great. It only contains recipies. I am thinking to start it.

I mean I have recipies that needs to be organized and I do not like to rewrite in book... So I am thinking to have recpie blog is not a bad idea.

That way, when I need it it is all there and redy to use and organized the way I like.


I will give a little more thought on this, but I may copy her idea too.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Loves to do...

Little H is growing into independent boy stage. He certainly shows me what he likes and dislikes. It is interesting to see how he is becoming a little boy instead of a extended baby stage.

Currently, he is a big fun of being in a kitchen and helping mom. It is fun to see how he gets excited but be honest, sometime it is frustrating he is EVERY WHERE.

But I love to see his smiling face when he can get to help me. He washes some vegetables, put rice in a drainer to rinse, and the favorite of all press the microwave bottom.
Little H loves to help little sister also. When she cries he come right up and comfort her. He gets so concerned of her. When I was cleaning shii chan's nostril, she cried hard to refuse to be cleaned... Well, Little H hates to be cleaned his nose also. When he saw what I was doing to her, he looked at me and said "Yamete!!!! No." Yamete means "Stop it". He was shaking his head really big and telling me that I should stop so that she doesn't have to cry... It made me smile.

Our beloved princess is loving the life in a morning till get tiered. For some reasons, she is not happy evening time every day. She gets fussy and cranky.
She love to be in a saucer for baby. She is jumping inside and smiles. She grabs toy and of cause put toys in her mouth.

She hates to war clothing. She loves to be just naked if it is possible. Like her brother, she loves to take a bath and splashes at mom.

I cannot have enough smiles from her. Her smiles are truly happy face and make all of happy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little H and stuffed animal and his obssesion

Lately, Little H loves an ape stuffed animal that I had... Now, it is his and he takes it everywhere at home. This stuffed name is now "Gori" It is from "Gorira" in Japanese which means Gorilla.

It is still a boy, one minutes he tenderly pads the Gori, next minutes he wrestle with him. But I have to admit, it is supper cute that he loves it so much.
When I tried to take a picture of him, he decided to show me a funny face.
Past two weeks, he loves to hung out in a kitchen with mom. He is a good little helper often times. He cleans the floor pretty well. He tried to help to put grocery away with me. He love to watch me cooking. Before he climbs on the radder, he says "Miru, Sawara nai" with shaking head and weaving hand. It means "Watch and do not touch" I have been teaching him not to touch unless I say OK in a kitchen. But of cause he finds some pots and balls when I was busy doing some housework.
The result.... He had a big smile on his face.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shi chan on parade

So, 6 months with a baby is so fast and amazing. She grows up so fast. I cannot believe how big she is now. Well, she is about 95% height, 90% weight, 25% head circumference. She is our little big girl. Sorry that some of pictures did not turn out so good. I should have picked little beter one. Oh well....

Now she can sit with just a little support. I tell you her personality is showing more and more every day. She doesn't like to be hungry and doesn't like to go bed at night. Yes. She is quite clear about these. When she is sleepy, she shakes her head against whatever her head is on such as my chest, shoulder and her bed. She loves to have blanket on her face. In fact, she cannot go sleep without blanket near her mouth.

She moves around a lot. She roles every where. She is a go getter. She roles to her brother's chair and tries to taste his chair. She gets her brother's stuffed animal and anything that might be interesting to her...

Little H is not happy about her touching his stuff. But he is a nice brother who is learning to bring her toys so that she doesn't take his.

She loves to eat. She started solid last Wednesday. She is a good eater already.

She can drink water from shipper cup now. Wow, big girl.

Oh, did I tell you that she doesn't like her car seat much.

She started to like books. She is still learning to enjoy them. Now??? She is trying them out with her mouth most of the time. hahaha

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today is Halloween. Here in US, a lot of people are excited about this holiday and they are so into costumes...

Well, in my opinion, my kids are too small to understand what Halloween is all about so I did not make a big effort to get costumes...

However, here is some what costumed kids... Little H is a dinosaur and Shii chan is little bear.

Only Halloween party that we went... Little H's play group. It was this Monday. All kids were so quiet when they were eating their snacks. Play group moms were very considerate and most snacks were very healthy.
We visited grandparents today and here is our little angels' two shots.